Frequently Asked Questions about our logo design services


Why do you issue 10 editions?

Simple – 10 editions makes it affordable, and we guarantee no more than 10 editions of any logo will ever be produced

How much is each edition?

Each single edition is a standard rate of £120 inc VAT

I don’t want anyone else to have the same logo as me. Is this possible?

Yes, we can design a logo just for you, but it costs a bit more. Please take a look at our pricing or contact us.


Where do you get your artwork from?

We draw all our own graphics ourselves at our studio in Yorkshire.

I like a logo, but the colour is not right for me. Can you alter it?

Yes of course. We offer this as standard. There is a short questionnaire to fill in at checkout. But don’t forget, it’s FREE to see any logo in your name before you buy it. Email us with your details.

I like the graphic, but I would like a different font. Is this possible?

Yes you can choose a font from another of our logos.

Don’t forget it’s FREE to see any logo in your name. Email us with your details.

I can’t see a logo that is just right. Can I have one drawn up especially for me?

Yes of course. It costs a bit more, bust we would be happy to design a logo just for you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you provide me with the editable file when it is complete?

We do not provide editable, layered files of our artwork. The logo is expanded and the fonts are outlined. Should you require an amendment to your logo after completion, please get in touch. There may be an additional charge.

Can you create my logo in a different language?

Yes, we can do this for you. However, in these circumstances we do not take any steps to verify that the wording you provide to us is correct. The licence is in English and any fonts necessary that we do not hold will be chargeable.


What is copyright?

Put simply, copyright is the ownership of your logo. Because we draw all our own work, in law this automatically remains with us.

Can I buy the copyright?

If we haven’t already sold an edition of your logo to someone else, then you can buy the copyright from us for an extra charge. Please contact us to discuss.

Can I register my logo as a trademark?

Yes you can, but we would still own the copyright.

If you wish to register your logo then it is advisable to own the copyright.

I think someone else is using a logo you designed for me. Can you help?

Don’t forget we license all our designs up to 10 times. If you think someone else is plagiarising our work please let us know.

Other questions

I am a logo designer, can I sell my designs through your website?

All our designs are produced by us and we do not sell anyone else’s work.

How often do you add new logos?

We are designing new logos all the time, so please check back regularly. If you would like us to design one especially for you, then take a look at our pricing and get in touch to discuss your requirements

Please drop us an email if you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail:

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