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Where the idea came from

We are a design studio specialising in branding and logo design.

Limited Edition Logos came about because through working with many small businesses over the last two decades. We recognised that often, start-ups simply cannot justify a large investment in branding at a time when outgoings are at a premium. Even if they know that getting a professional logo is really important.

We also spotted that many entrepreneurs are in a rush to get up and running and try an idea before they invest too much. Often, they turn to the Internet for what they think is a quick, easy and cheap solution, only to be left feeling disappointed when later they realise their logo is being used by many others. They are often left out of pocket and unaware of the legal implications too.

So, we came up with a solution that has a defined number of copies, is easy, ethical, AND affordable. And now we provide a way for you to get a world-class brand for literally a fraction of the cost.

Limited Edition Logos is a logo design service that comes with complete transparency and peace of mind.


Telephone: 01937 558446

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